May 6, 2006

first friday

i hit the usual first friday spots last night. the alaska house, well street, and pioneer park all ran good shows. the alaska house, once again, walked a nice line between native and contemporary art. well street and the park ran photo exhibits that i was more than a little impressed with.

barry mcwayne had a solo show at pioneer park of black and white images of smartly mundane subjects. snow covered cars, frost on grainy wood surfaces, mysterious shadows- just enough to leave you wanting more. the prints were absolutely flawless, and framed impeccable. a truly excellent display.

the show at well street was entitled 'march 20th' (the spring equinox). it was a group show of photos all taken on the same day by 20 or so different photographers. such a shame that i missed this opportunity. once i realized the theme of the show i felt a lump in my gut- if i were more involved in this community i would, most likely, have an image or two hanging on the wall. last night's networking was a start.

one image, in particular, struck me in a funny way. dea was moving through the images across the room when she doubled back to show me an image that she said looked like mine. it was a kick to see barry's submission for the 'march 20th' show- it did, in fact, resemble an image i had taken myself in march. there is a ghastly orange and yellow building downtown that we were both drawn too in different ways. his image was of the exact same window- his with a colorful car parked on the street in front of the building, mine is below. i got home last night to find this image was taken on march 21st.

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all in all, a pleasing evening.

listening to josh ritter.

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