May 27, 2006

saturday morning

many things going on this morning. developing my site has taken on a new urgency. i'm pleased with the direction, as it's much leaner than my last attempt. i'm amazed at the speed of which one learns when they take on something new.

i've been behind the computer more than behind the lens the last several days. i'm in the infancy stages of a new project- to early to talk about- and it's taking some research in order to realize it fully.

my attention is diverted much of the time by my ever increasing stops on the web for bits of industry info and other blogs. pdn, a daily stop, just released their photo annual (arrived by mail on monday), and i've spent much time devouring the pages of the magazine and viewing the gallery on line. the annual is always a source of inspiration. it used to be a point of frustration, but as i find my own voice with the medium i'm encouraged by the work of others. the cover shot of the annual this month was shot by chris buck, whose original view of portraiture i've admired for some time. the photo is a new take on the classic portrait of picasso by the late robert doisneau, featuring steve martin- i have had a post card of doisneau's original image hanging above my desk for many years.

also expanding their online presence in line with their print efforts is american photo. their new site is a dramatic improvement over it's predecessor. it's updated almost daily with new information and features- instead of simply repeating the current print issue.

so, back to the tasks at hand. too much to hijack my attention this morning.

listening to calexico

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