Jun 14, 2006

damn you brian ulrich

i'm no stranger to chicago photographer brian ulrich's site, but i have to say i haven't stopped by to see what he's producing in several months. this afternoon, however, i noticed his name on gomma's daily update, and went in for a look. his gallery of images is signature ulrich- bare and honest. i wasn't , however, expecting to see the blog link. it's rare to find a blog by an accomplished photog (and teacher) that is updated regularly.

what i found was brilliance, lunacy, links to links of links, a humbling amount of talented midwest photographers, and insightful commentary.... almost two hours (and as many glasses of wine) later and i'm still here. damn you brian ulrich- i had things to do tonight.

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the things people throw out.

listening to toad the wet sprocket.

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