Sep 6, 2006

S. Cushman Park

I spent some time recently at "cushman park". The 'park' is a myriad of gravel roads, dead cars riddles with gunshot, 4x4s, beer cans, and a healthy number of Fairbanks' craziest folk.

I'm finding images of people infinitely more interesting as of late, but this is uncoverign an obstacle. The fact is, and some might find this hard to believe, that I get seriously anxious approaching folk with my camera- it can create a generous invitation or the greatest resistance.

Dennis was about to loose his patience with Amy when I first saw them. She was consistently throwing every one of Dennis's clay pigeons in the dirt, and he wasn't too pleased. Being the good old Iowa pheasant slayer that I am, I offered to pitch him a few in exchange for allowing me some photos. He obliged. I lobbed several superb targets, and he shot the shit out of them.

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