Nov 20, 2006

Beverly Cover

I was fortunate to view a retrospective of work by Beverly Cover at the Anchorage Art Museum this past weekend. The black and white images comprised an astonishingly vast body of work. Curious in its distinct visions, and comforting in its subtleness.

I wasn’t expecting to find Beverly at the show, speaking informally to a group of ten or so appreciators and fellow artists. She spoke with an eloquence that was completely devoid of bravado. I’m so interested in how, and why, photographers find themselves drawn to different subjects, techniques, and visions. She spoke honestly about her progression, and defended her work in the face of one questioning viewer.

I was able to speak with her, more than just briefly, and she gave me so much more than I expected. She spoke with vulnerability of her own work, and was gracious in inquiring about my own work and theory. I’m thankful to her for her hospitality.

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