Nov 10, 2006

what's happening friday

when things get crazy, i seem to look to other worlds to escape to. the following are friendly diversions i have found this week...

i caught the new issue of Orion yesterday and was taken by a photo essay by Trish Carney. a quick search on 'the google' found a larger segment of the same work at Lens Culture from 2005. it's a stunning view of a morbid subject.

the Matter release party for the new issue is tonight in Fort Collins. Todd always hosts a riot of a party- wish i could be there. the issue should be on sale this weekend at most stores in Colorado, and online. i'm anxious to see my "Tundra & Steel" essay- probably in the mail as i write this.

finally, winter is almost upon us here in the interior. with the darkens comes a slow trickle of talent and shows to our little burg of aurora and ice fog- a few of the highlights...

- the Whitpsaws are playing at the Marlin the weekend

- Far North Film Festival makes it's annual appearance. We went last year to see a few- impressed by some, and let down by others, but a positive injection of creativity.

- The Blue Loon is playing the movie Half Nelson this month. NPR had an interview with writer/director Ryan Fleck that I was fortunate to hear during my drive north to create the essay for the current Matter issue. i've been waiting for the release of this film since.

listening to Grizzly Bear

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