Dec 21, 2006

i found the following quote by John Szarkowski on gallery hopper today from LA Weekly. i've been in a sort of project purgatory as of late. developing a sound idea on paper, but i have yet to make more than a few images. i struggle with this most days- realizing the true potential and technical merit of an idea. i confess to getting hung up in this trap. i'll come back to this later. for now, the quote...

"Some photographers think the idea is enough. I told a good story in my Getty talk, a beautiful story, to the point: Ducasse says to his friend Mallarm√© — I think this is a true story — he says, “You know, I’ve got a lot of good ideas for poems, but the poems are never very good.” Mallarm√© says, “Of course, you don’t make poems out of ideas, you make poems out of words.” Really good, huh? Really true. So, photographers who aren’t so good think that you make photographs out of ideas. And they generally get only about halfway to the photograph and think that they’re done."


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, how true is that—sometimes we get so caught up in forcing the idea we forget about the execution.

But I suspect more common than that is forgetting that the ideas will often happen for us if we just take the pictures.


ben huff said...

so true jj. thnaks.

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