Dec 10, 2006


i'm certainly neglecting the blog as of late. it seems as though i'm in a serious winter funk in regards to my work. i'm impressed by those that don't let the darkness get to them up here. i don't feel like i'm creating anything very solid- not seeing very well.

i've been spending more time reading about other photographers much more than i've been creating images. that's not all bad, but doesn't scratch the itch. some places i've found inspiration lately...

-Jorg Colberg has a good interview with Richard Renaldi at his blog
-group-show has a good new lineup of talent
-i'm enjoying Jeff Brouws work, and anxious to find a copy of Approaching Nowhere when i'm in Chicago.
-also i've cycled through every video on the new Magnum site several times
-new issue of SEESAW

counting the days until we head to the midwest- 12 days.

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Pod said...

another cool shot. i would find the darkness hard to, but i guess you have to turn it around somehow/

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