Jan 12, 2007

there's much talk about blogging lately, mostly on blogs mind you, but it seems as though more and more people are viewing the medium as a legitimate form of communication in the coming year. it's funny, but i'm still astonished at how quickly things move about the blog world. one quote, one image, one opinion can be copied a million times to different audiences in a second. valid, bastardized, manipulated, honorable- it doesn't matter.

a couple, not threatening, places i've stopped this morning:
- American Photo holds blogging to the light
- Arts Journal blogger Tyler Green mentions my Figge post in his Around the Blogosphere column.
- AB Blog (the home of Denver marketing mind Andy Bosselman) has consistant insights on the design, art, and architecture in Colorado- and recently gave Vitamin Cottage (my old cycling sponsor) a little punch in the arm.
- designer/photographer Roger Cline doesn't have much time for new camera technology...he makes his own. stunning.
- Jay Cornelious has a tantalizing video of Stepehen Shore on his site. damn i love to watch photographers work.

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