Mar 14, 2007

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surprised tonight to see Conscientious' Jorg Colberg interviewing Chris Jordan on the pages of the new issue of Orion. Conscientious has been on my daily list of morning blogs for quite some time. Jorg has become a well know authority on contemporary photography in the blog world, and i'm thrilled to see that prowess parlay into a magazine effort. he has kept the same general format that has worked for so many other honest conversations with the likes of Alec Soth, Jeff Brouws, Richard Renaldi, Brian Ulrich, Amy Elkins, and many others.

of course, the conversation can't be complete without mentioning Chris Jordan's work as well. he's been highlighted practically everywhere lately, most recently over at Jen Bekman's Personism, and rightly so. check out his work for yourself, and read his interview with Jorg in the April issue of Orion.


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