Mar 3, 2007

guns dog camera

this guy has his priorities straight...

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foggy and cold out there today. i've been pouring over some old photos and trying to make some order of things. i did get out for a bit, and made a photo of this ladder that i drove by yesterday and found interesting. one of things i find so powerful about these types of images (possibly more in the making than the finished product) is their urgency. will the ladder still be there tomorrow? who knows, or cares, maybe. but, today it was, and i made a photo. the scene existed.

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i've picked up my journal again and begun writing a little. the blog kind of sidetracked my writing efforts for awhile- difficult to find time for everything. it feels good to put pen to paper- the keyboard is so sterile and unromantic. i adore the feel of a good pen on thick paper.

listening to Cliff Hillis


Tim said...

That's beautiful man! I want one!

Pod said...

too many times i have been caught thinking 'ah, i'll come back tomorrow'...and the interesting thing has gone! cool shots mr 'uff!

Pod said...

i linked you on my blog. i am sure you won't mind?

Nicole said...

The tape and the bold use of the period convey a unique Fairbanks urgency.

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