Mar 19, 2007

madness, anchorage, and Alex

finally a day that resembles spring here in the interior. heading out in a bit to shoot amongst the long shadows, but first wanted to get a few things out there that i've been stewing about today. i'm a list guy, so here goes...

1. Chad Muthard's March Madness brackets have been making their way around the blogosphere, and the banter has been hilarious. the image of countless photo nerds straining over this sheet with the intensity of a thesis or grant proposal makes me smile. i use the word 'nerd' proudly by the way. i've broken a couple trusty #2s and have a pile of eraser dust on my desk, but i'll be damned if i can declare a winner. first, the absence of Freidlander stinks of a fixed tourney, but anyway i can't get past Eggleston up against Sternfeld in the quarter finals.

2. great post by Martin Fuchs today. i respect his work a lot. it's good to see others have these types of lists.

3. Anchorage is rolling out their brand spanking new branding campaign.... Big Wild Life. Nerland has some tv, and print teasers. i'm interested to hear what the Alaska folk they hit it? my money says - not even close.

4. and for the Fairbanks folks, can someone please tell me why Cafe Alex closed? they were the best damn restaurant in town.

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Coldfoot said...

Why did Cafe Alex close? Are you kidding me?

Cafe Alex catered to snobs. Snobs are a flakey lot with a short attention span. They will be off to the next "in" spot in a few short months.

Cafe Alex was not riff-raff friendly. You need the business of riff-raff to make a business viable for the long run.


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