Apr 26, 2007

outside looking out

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listening to The Mountain Goats


Bradey said...

I don't understand how this photograph works at all. It's good.

ben huff said...

thanks bradey. it's half of a mobile home that's being torn apart actually. this view is through, what used to be, the living room..

i took some time with your blog tonight too - good work there. i'll stop by again.

Pod said...

the podbrain was also slightly confused initially too, but that ain't hard to do. have you heard of gotye? an ozzie musician. 'heart's a mess' is a good tune. a bit peter gabriel-ish. his vid is on youtube. you might like it, you might not?

ben huff said...

i really like that song, and video, pod. i hadn't heard them before- thanks for the tip.

Pod said...


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