Jun 4, 2007

1 band, 1 book & 1 movie

3 things to get you through a case of the mondays:

1. Alec Soth has another book coming out soon - Dog Days of Bogota. i was going to go into more detail, but Shane Lavalette did a great post earlier today, so i'll leave it to him.

2. Win Butler & Regine Cassagne of Arcade Fire will be on Fresh Air this afternoon - listen here.

3. UAF's Summer Sessions Free Movie Nights have started, and they're playing one of my favorite all time movies tonight- Hitchcock's Rear Window. Jimmy Stewart as a hobbled, obsessive compulsive, voyeuristic, photographer...whats not to love.

Listening to KUAC

1 comment:

Pod said...

rear window is great. grace kelly is gorgeous! have a good trip mate!

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