Jun 29, 2007


Dea can't seem to catch a break. first, a schedule change for her transplant because of an infection, in which time we had her dialysis catheter replaced. now, on the verge of the second transplant date we're told the infection isn't better, but worse, than originally thought.

long story short, she's scheduled to have her rejected kidney removed on thursday at Mayo, as the doctors believe this is the source of her infection. at this point the transplant is postponed indefinitely.

i'll be leaving for Chicago late tomorrow night and driving her parent's car from there to Rochester. Dea's flying into Rochester on monday. getting flights in, and out, of Alaska in the summer is a frustrating task.

all for now. i'll post from Minnesota.

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6/28/07, Dea sleeping in the midnight sun


Anonymous said...

Keep me posted, Ben, and take care. I'll be thinking of the two of you.

Jessie Jane said...

Hang in there, kids. It'll come.

Shawn Gust said...


I'm also thinking of you both. I hope this trip brings some relief and good fortune to you and your wife.

Pod said...

poop. have you considered seeing a homeopath?
sending sorting out thoughts

Mary Millis said...

Hi Ben & Dea!
This is your third cousin Mary (Downs) Millis here in Iowa wishing you well and keeping you in my prayers. I love your blogs and look at them all the time! Aunt Linda keeps me updated alot too.
May God be with you always,
Love, Mary

Nicole said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.

ben huff said...

thanks all.

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