Jul 5, 2007


Dea's surgery went as well as could be expected today. she's working the morphine drip fairly hard, but feeling good about how things are going. she has dialysis in the morning, and i would imagine the pain will begin to be a little greater tomorrow, but the immediate situation is looking positive.

the new transplant scenario won't play out for several weeks, but the important thing now is recovery.

thanks, again, to all who have emailed and left comments of good spirit - we appreciate it all.

i can't say enough 'thank you' - this virtual world is astounding at times.

i'm lurking around town, and the hospital, a bit and will post some images in time as well.


subarctic mama said...

Send healing thoughts and good luck to Dea.

Pod said...

hope it's not too hurty
it's great that so many people are sending wishes i am sure it helps.i am sure your smiling face is all she needs

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