Jul 30, 2007

Denali Highway

a few images from this past weekend. Alaska doesn't get much better than Denali Highway this time of year, and difficult to put into words. to be honest i spent more time playing than shooting, but a few images none the less...

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Gulkana Glacier

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Dea and Pella in one of countless alpine lakes on the ridge
hike of Mclaren summit

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Dea, early morning at the summmit

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Dea, sleeping

listening to Johnny Cash


michael said...

I love the photos Ben, Great!

Pod said...

love the ripples!

ben huff said...

michael, all of the green here now, makes me think of your Germantales project. how is it coming along?

pod, you're back!

Pod said...

yes, back and frustrated..grr!

ben huff said...


..i'm listening....

michael said...

Hi Ben,

I'm planning a few trips in the next weeks to continue the series. Hopefully I come back with some good shots. The landscape of Alaska is absolute amazing, hopefully one day I can come and go on a road trip trough the country. How is your work going?

ben huff said...

if/when you can make it to Alaska, i'll give you the tour. it's impossible to see everything, but i can show you some wonderfully green horizons.

things are going well here. i'm busy in several different directions currently, but all will be coming together soon enough.

btw, good review your work over at wwc.

michael said...

Ben, thank you so much for your offer to give me the tour in Alaska. It would be fantastic to go on the tour with you and to see the amazing greens. One day I'm sure it will happen.

I'm looking forward to seeing some of your new works.

Yeah, the post on WWC was very nice, thanks.

So, on Monday I will go on the first trip to the Rhine Valley and hopefully come back with some good photos.

Talk to you soon and thanks again, Michael

Pod said...

oh, just frustrated at the course, and thinking too much about what i am shooting, and ending up not really doing anything interesting. i know i have to go through it. but grrr all the same!

Bradey Daeland Feil said...

I really enjoy the second one, as well as the one of the rear view mirror. The mirror could be a picture in itself which is rare.

ben huff said...

thanks bradey.

and, pod, (beware or corny phrase coming) analysis is paralysis

Pod said...

many a true word is spoken in corn!

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