Jul 11, 2007

Papageorge & Dea

Alec is hosting Papageorge Week on his blog in recognition of Tod Papageorge's new book - Passing Through Eden. so in honor of PapaWeek i'll jump on the bandwagon with the following photo- found yesterday, here in Rochester.

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other, more important, non-photography news - Dea is doing well. she's finishing up her dialysis treatment as i type this, and we'll be heading back to Chicago in the next hour or so. i catch the red-eye out of O'Hare tomorrow night- back into Fairbanks on Friday. Dea's staying with her parents for a few weeks, to be closer to Mayo should she have complications with her recovery, and to (very optimistically speaking) save another expensive flight from AK in the event that we can reschedule her transplant sooner, rather than later.


Jules said...

hey ben - good to hear some good news. give a shout if you need a ride from the airport. safe travels..

michael said...

Ben, I'm happy to hear that Dea is doing well and that she is now on the way to recover. I'm sure everything is going to be fine. Best wishes to you both and have a good trip. I like the photo of the car and the refelctions, Michael

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