Sep 30, 2007

quick trip to the Yukon River

it was a busy weekend around here, but i managed to get up north on Saturday. just as i was getting into a groove with the 8x10, Dennis let me barrow his Linhof for a few weeks. it's, without a doubt the finest piece of metal i've ever had my hands on. i was inspired, and the pull of the Dalton was too great. it's been too long since i've been up there. we didn't have much time, but Dea and i headed up to the Yukon River on Saturday morning.

getting to the Yukon feels good, but it's but a sliver of the Dalton's length. the road doesn't really begin to get interesting until after you cross the river, but the familiarity of the road was soothing.

moose hunting season is still on, and i met several hunters coming off the water. Dea and Pella walked down the river, saw grizzly tracks, enjoyed the sunshine, and i made portraits. Dea has come along on a few shooting expeditions over the years. she's the only one i feel comfortable shooting around.

she took this photo of me listening to Dave as i set up. he's lived in Fairbanks for 20 years. every year he takes three weeks to boat down river 210 miles to his homestead camp near Tanana. he, his dad, mother, and wife came back with two moose.

© dea

listening to Modern Skirts


patcaribou said...

i can't wait to see the new stuff. i'm so friggin jealous.

Justin said...

Great post Ben. You are making me miss the wilds of Idaho so much that I could almost jump in the car and drive there right now! Talking about the familiarity of the road being soothing is moving. Carry on.

ben huff said...

hey patrick. we should get together this weekend, i just got some film back.

justin, you know you are welcome to the wilds of alaska anytime.

Pod said...

good to see you! well, kinda. i always wondered what a huff looked like

Timothy said...

That sounds amazing!

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