Sep 21, 2007


i've been up to the the museum twice this week to see On The Edge, because i can't shake this photo by Erica Lord.

"Silence" 40x32 © Erica Lord

the show runs through next week.


Coldfoot said...

Seriously....... That may be the lamest picture you have ever posted.

Not that you post lame pictures, but puh-leeeeease.

Keep up the good work.

Coldfoot said...

Should say:

Otherwise keep up the good work.

ben huff said...

i appreciate your opinion. since you are here in Fairbanks, i would encourage you to go see the image in person. in context with the rest of the work you might see it differently.
the show runs for the rest of the week, and displayed in the special exhibit gallery right inside the door - so it's also free. i'd be interested to hear if your opinion changed after seeing it on the wall...

Erica L said...

found this searching for any posting about the show. thanks. always interesting to read others commentary on ones work. i suppose part of the silencing comes from the inability to listen. either way, thank you. nice to see art criticism back home, good or bad. where at times seems that the cold freezes more than just the air outside.

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