Oct 17, 2007


i've been without an internet connection for the past two days, and i'm ashamed to say it almost broke me. not being able to check my email, blogs, and such makes me anxious and not a pleasant person. it's sad. the truth is, there wasn't an email that couldn't have waited, the blogosphere went on without me, and it appears that the race for president is no less ridiculous than when i last tuned in.

when i'm in the 'city' i get accustomed to certain things. my trips north seem to have a way of falling at perfect times. or is it me that grows weary of the bustle and expectations of real life, and subconsciously plan them accordingly?

regardless, friday i'm heading north for a few days. no phones. no radio. no internet. just me, sleeping in the back of the car and making photos.

also, ADN ran an article about a trucker on the Dalton last Sunday - read it here.


Justin said...

Great post Ben. Lately I have been abandoning my habits of excessive news, and intravenous internet use. To my surprise I am finding myself more excited about photography then I have been in perhaps a year. It looks like a road trip is in my future with which I hope to abandon these things even more fully, no phone sounds great. Carry on...

Pod said...

i just had 10 days without whilst my brother was here. it was good to have a break, but i have to say, if the connection is slow or not working when you want it to, one can get rather hot under the collar! have a great trip mate!

ben huff said...

hey guys. back from the great white north. best trip yet. i think i'm pulling together some solid images - perspective is good.

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