Nov 10, 2007

beautiful failure

i've been anxiously waiting to get the first sheets of film back from my last trip North for a week now. i've fully committed to shooting this project in large format, but the absence of any lab in the entire state to be able to process 4x5 has been an issue. i've bit the bullet though, and am moving forward none the less. ultimately, i'll be shooting less, but i'm confident in the approach.

so, a few weeks ago i bought a used 4x5 with my PFD. this trip would produce the first images from my new rig. brilliant.

so, i received my film, and...and? light leaks!

chalk this one up to inexperience. i was gutted at first, but the reality is that the trip was, in a strange way, still a success. i met some great people in Wiseman and Coldfoot this time around, and with each trip the immersion gets easier. my vision was crisp, and the bigger picture is becoming more focused. it won't happen again.

from a blog standpoint, my intent with the Dalton project is to keep the images under wraps more than i am accustomed to. those of you who frequent this spot regularly have probably noticed a shift in the last few months; i've shown less of my work and spoken more of others. this trend will most likely persist as i find some traction in my own process. an evolution of sorts is underway, and i'm unclear of the outcome. it's exciting.

so, in the meantime i'll continue to speak what's on my mind and show photographs by others that move me.

i won't be showing many keepers for a while, but failures are still fair game. so, for now, light leaks are the order of the day:

Luke in Coldfoot

laundry in Wiseman

listening to Midlake


Timothy said...

Ben, Those are great! Regardless of the obvious. Very beautiful, even with the obvious.

Congrats on going's a beautiful process.

ben huff said...

Tim, thanks so much.

btw, i got your post card from Boonville last week. hope all is going well out there.

Shawn Gust said...


I too love the feel of these images, light leaks and all. You'll definitely make some amazing photographs if this is any barometer.

So do you just love this way of shooting?


Pod said...

still cool mr huff, still cool!

michael said...

Ben, light leaks but the photographs are still absolutely beautiful and have a special atmosphere. Really cool. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your BIG shots and the next time light leaks less and less and less and less. Hope you are fine!
Best, Michael

Lena said...

Ben, CONGRATS on the rasmuson grant - a great project for it to go to! I think the laundry photo is really cool with the extra light. my family's old photos from russia often had leaky light, so it makes me feel at home. it also gives it a '3rd world' look that is certainly fitting for some of alaska.

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