Nov 20, 2007

Jennifer Boomer

happy to see, today, that Jennifer Boomer is an '07 winner of Jen Bekman's Hot Shot! competition.

Jennifer's body of work was produced down in the Aleutians, in the very burly Dutch Harbor. i've been a great appreciator of her work since we spoke over email several months ago. we tried to meet up a while back when she was in Fairbanks visiting friends, but Dea and i were in Anchorage at the time. unfortunate, as meeting other photographers from far off corners of the state is not easy, let alone the Aleutians.

seeing great work coming out of Alaska always gets me all worked up. and, it's so good to see solid color photographs of Alaska, that aren't stock photos of Denali from Wonder Lake.

cheers to you Jennifer.

© Jennifer Boomer

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