Dec 3, 2007

in the dark with Misrach

those of you who suffered through my posts from this time last year, know that i get a little surly when the darkness sets in. the lack of sunlight comes close to doing my head in.

today i stood outside my job at about 2:30, as the sun was going down, straining to steal the last faint rays of yellow life on my face. the sun doesn't emit any warmth. it's all in my head. when i went back inside KUAC was repeating a weather warning:

"severe weather warning on the Dalton Highway. mile 90 to 130, 50 mile/hr winds and zero visibility."

ugh. i know that the time spent in the car up there would be miserable and dangerous, but the light once it did break the next day had the potential to be something special. another time.

i walked home at 4:00 in total darkness. made a cup of tea. walked the dog. checked some blogs. Kevin Sisemore posted an interview by Richard Misrach at the Art Institute that interested me. as i sat here, sinking in a self imposed Monday stooper Misrach spoke:

"for this period, for 2 years i didn't make a single photograph during the day time."

© Richard Misrach from Night Photographs

god damn right! screw it. dark of not, i'm going out to make photographs.

or, you know, it's really cold out too.. maybe i'll just sit here and get lost in his On the Beach series...

© Richard Misrach

listening to Moloko (vid)


Jeope said...

I've never been far north. Last July we drove about 600km north on a camping trip and it added a whole extra hour of light at the end of the day. Amazing. I guess that is not enough of a compromise in your parts, though, to counteract this time of year. The 24-hours-of-daylight is one thing I want to experience in my lifetime.

Kevin Sisemore said...

Way to go Ben. I think you have a great idea. Just wear those extra warm socks while your out.

Pod said...

yes, more socks!
when i lived in england, the darkness made me a little loopy too. i never quite recovered i don't think.....

but one must make the most of ones situation mr huff, so get yer socks on, plug in to moloko, and get your butt out there!

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