Dec 19, 2007

Jonathan Harris

it dropped to -40°F today. a perfect day to stare into the glowing abyss that is my monitor. this morning i found a great distraction (through Fairbanks, turned DC, journalist R.A. Dillon)...

so, if it's cold where you are..belly up to the monitor and get lost in Jonathon Harris' photos of a Barrow whale hunt. his slick site shows no less than 3,214 photos- taken at no longer than 5 minute intervals. this is an interesting project, but it's taken some time for me to put it in perspective. warning- you may not be able to leave.

read about the project here.
see the photos here.
see Johnathon talk at the TED conference here.
also, accompanying Harris was Russia photographer Andrew Moore.

ok..i'm slowly stepping away from my machine now.

© Jonathan Harris

listening to Sun Kill Moon.

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