Dec 26, 2007


back from Hatcher Pass, and missing it already. just when we started to get our skis under us, it was time to pack up and head back north.

after five hours in the car, we were greeted late Christmas Eve with a nearly full moon, a clear sky, and above zero temperatures at the pass. the lot at the top was empty. with the exception of the inn keeper at the lodge, we had the entire bowl to ourselves the entire next day. nice surprise.

a few photos from our ski on Christmas day...

the fog began approaching as we finished our breakfast. we got just ahead of it, but were engulfed about 30 minutes into our first ascent. our cabin, and the lodge, is just visible below.

facing South into the most sun we would see all day.

looking back North at the remnants of Independence Mine

listening to Death in Vegas (and watching tele videos)

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patcaribou said...

what a strange landscape.

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