Jan 13, 2008

Dennis Witmer

today is the opening of Dennis Witmer's photos of Kotzebue, Alaska at the Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Dennis is a very good friend of mine, and has been remarkably generous to me over the past year. his love of photography and Alaska is limitless, and he makes truly wonderful photos. for 30 years he has been documenting the unique landscapes of Northern Alaska. his catalog of images of Alaska's immense, and diverse, landscapes covers a staggering amount of ground, but of the work i've been fortunate to see, i've always been drawn to his Kotzebue work. Dennis moved to Kotzebue, Alaska from Pennsylvania in 1977.

his passion, and dedication, for documenting the Alaskan landscape is inspiring- the state owes much to his vision.

all photos © Dennis Witmer

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michael said...

Hi Ben,
how is the work for your show in February going on? Hope all is well!!
Best wishes, Michael

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