Jan 10, 2008

what to do this weekend..

the days are starting to get a little longer here in the Interior- so they say. the forecast is calling for -40° this weekend, but there's reason to love Fairbanks none the less - The Whipsaws are coming to town. and, to make it an even sweeter deal, Tim Easton is playing with them.

our favorite home grown alt country troubadours are having a two night CD release party at The Marlin tomorrow and Saturday nights. i'm feeling a bit old as of late, so i'm planning on being there in rare form. (early)mid life crisis be damned.

for you out of town folks, you can catch them on the Outside on tour, or listen to them live through the KUAC stream on Saturday before the Marlin show (7:00 AST).

their new album, 60 Watt Avenue:

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