Mar 20, 2008


man, i've let this blog slip lately. it's spring, the sun is coming on with a vengeance, my mind is racing. it's a classic case of having so much to say that it's so overwhelming that i just internalize it all. doesn't do much for my blogging.

i'm preparing for two juried show/contest opportunities and i'm running it all a bit thin. it doesn't help that my scanner and i aren't seeing eye to eye.

the coming of the sun has me thinking big. i love this time of year, but this time around it's almost too much. there is so much i want to do in the coming months. new projects, old projects, new directions and loves. there isn't enough time in the day, but soon there will be an abundance of time at night. the light is coming.

crash board & pipeline phone, Coldfoot Alaska

listening to The Mountain Goats


Helen said...

Are you listening to Going to Alaska? Because that would make me smile :)

ben huff said...

hi Helen. i do love that song. i was actually listening to their new album. the liner notes indicate that some of it was written here in Fairbanks though.

...and if i can get a bit dorky and circle it all back around to photography... Lee Friedlander's son, Erik, played the cello and composed the string arrangements..

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