May 14, 2008


i'm heading North in a couple days for a much needed trip. i've reached my limit of this fair town, and in serious need of quiet, wide open spaces, strangers and my camera.

things have been a bit stagnant here lately. i'm in a rut. my posts in this space have been lacking, the same for my image making. so, i'm going to step up my photography, and step away from the blogs for a bit. i'll be back when i have something to say and photos to share.

some relevant words by Harry Callahan:
"I'm not a good thinker. I have to travel to find out things. I have to photograph my way out of dry spells, and sometimes it's not so nice because you don't get out for awhile."


Shawn Gust said...

I'm feeling you Ben.....

Justin said...

have fun, those quiet, wide open spaces sound awesome. can't wait to see what you come back with.

Pod said...

trust in the flow mr huff

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