Jun 29, 2008

the trip of a lifetime (x3)

in the past few weeks i have met three separate duos who are traveling from Prudhoe Bay to Tierra Del Fuego. all are taking at least a year out of their lives, leaving loved ones, jobs, and their homes, to travel the length of the continent. the thought of it makes me sick with jealously.

first, were Vincent and Michael from France. they are making the trip by bicycle. i met them up on the road in early June and made a photo. our time together was brief but their enthusiasm left an impression.

second, were Anna and Alister from Australia. they are also making the trip on bicycle. i met them two weeks ago at a party that two good friends were hosting in their honor. communication was poor (on my end no doubt) and i understood that Anna ans Alister were just beginning their journey, but to my disappointment, they had already done the road at that point and were on their way South. for the next two years, going South.

finally, Dirk and Torsten. two Germans driving the Haul Road, only 414 miles of their 15,000+ mile journey, in a '52 VW Beetle. i met them this weekend, as they were staying for a couple days with my friend Ed. they seemed as excited about my project as i was about their upcoming adventure, and a fast friendship was made. so today, after too much wine last night, we set off for the Haul Road. i followed them up the Elliott and several miles up the Haul Road to make a few photos. the weather today was grim, but perfect. they stood in the rain, took my direction, and gave me exactly what i wanted.


Jeope said...

What will the VW couple do at the Darien Gap? I've always wondered that about people who do this trek.

ben huff said...

good question Jeope. if i see them when they come back through Fairbanks, i'll ask.

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