Jul 26, 2008

company and the landscape

as a general rule i shoot by myself. i feed on the quiet of my surroundings, and the deafening possibilities in my head. the people i meet out on the road are my friends. twenty minutes at a time- fleeting semi-anonymous relationships.

sometimes though, i can get too involved with the singularity of it all, and i lose sight of the plot. when Dennis proposed that we make a quick trip north together a couple weeks ago, it couldn't have come at a better time.

Dennis knew that i've been struggling a bit with my landscapes (by a bit i mean that i can't seem to get out of my own way). it feels like i can't see them because there is too much to see. he reckons i'm scared of the space. i reckon he's right.

his company, and insight, this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered. i propose no exaggeration when i say that Dennis is a master with the horizon. thirty years of studying Alaska through the ground glass of his Deardorf has earned him a refined brilliance. watching him work was priceless.

i created some solid photos this trip, i'm fairly confident of that, but to be honest, if all of the film came back botched i would still count this trip a success. as singular as i believe i am, truth is i need trips like this. two guys careening down dirt roads in a van full of film, listening to Dylan, talking shit about photography, books, the state of Alaskan art, the price of oil ($5.60/gl in Coldfoot), music, anything. everything.

this blog has proved to be an indispensable outlet over he years. i've made good friends here (always seems strange to say that), but nothing can replace the good old fashioned road trip. so, anyone want to come up to Alaska and hit the road?

bring your mosquito dope...


mro said...

Really great picture Ben. I think today was the first day I really missed Alaska, and your picture was everything that I miss. It's what I think about when I think of road tripping in Alaska, and yes, I'll be looking for another one soon.

But for now I'll have to settle for the Ridley and suburbia!

Keep it up...

Pod said...

hurrah for wise ol' dennis. sounds like you needed that. it must have been of great value to have someone get you to think/see differently. i would love to do something like that (minus the mozzies)

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