Sep 21, 2008


many things going on here lately, but few are contributing to the making of new photographs. i've fallen into the trap of thinking more about art lately, than being active in creating. all of this leads to doubt and frustration- the two polar opposites of creativity. i haven't been making many photographs lately, just for the sake of making photographs. however, i'm heading out in a few moments to do just that. no real direction, other than releasing the shutter. back to how it all began.

i didn't really feel like writing a post today, until i read the following bit in Frank Gohlke's Accommodating Nature this morning over coffee. just wanted to share..

We begin at the center, and our impulse is outward. Throughout a lifetime, whether our track seems meandering or straight, we are constantly in motion, getting on with things, going somewhere. But where? At moments along the path we want to know how far we've come; we turn around, but our point of origin is obscure. Finally, it occurs to us to look left and right. In one direction, there is still far to go, as far as when we started; in the other direction is that place we have always thought was behind us. It's been at our shoulder the whole way. Has the center traveled with us, an unnoticed companion? Or have we been walking in place as the world flows by? Either way, We will proceed."

clear-cuts and logging roads, Washington state © Frank Gohlke


Justin said...

Nice post Ben. All too often we are left looking at blogs and thinking that everyone is doing great, always inspired, and always in a show. Rarely do people (myself included) write about our woes, disenchantment, and day to day questioning of the pursuit all together. Your honesty is refreshing.

Hope you had a great day shooting. That usually makes it all better.

ben huff said...

you're right Justin, it does help. it did help.

onward and upward.

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