Dec 4, 2008

Justin @ 20x200

My friend, and superb photographer, Justin James Reed has two prints for sale at 20x200 (here and here) this week. I'm really happy for him, as I know that this kind of exposure can be big. Jen Bekman does a bang up job promoting up and coming photographers, and has a made savvy decision in bringing Justin on board during the Holiday season.

I'm certain that both of Justin's editions will sell out quickly, but a small part of me hopes a few linger there for a bit. I, unwittingly (I swear) opened my slick Christmas present form Dea this week, so I'm kind of in the dog house.

Hmmm...maybe she would like one of Justin's prints for Christmas.

Idaho Springs, Colorado, 2004 © Justin James Reed

listening to Old Crow Medicine Show

1 comment:

akfnp said...

what a crazy photo to stumble upon. i lived here in 1980 in 5th grade, and most of my fathers family still resides in this tiny crack of a town along I-70. thanks for posting. i enjoy your blog.

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