Feb 17, 2009

truth, consequences & releases

For the past few weeks, I've been slowly chipping away at a promise i made to myself, and a few patient souls, over a year ago. When I started making photographs up on the road, I asked everyone I made a photograph of to sign a release. It wasn't so much that I believed I needed them, as it was more a way for me to keep organized. I would get their name, spelling, contact info and then later write a little about the experience, location, and anything else that seemed valid at the time on the paper.

I rarely committed to sending a print unless I was asked, but told myself that I would. Only one person ever asked, most were generous with their time and asked nothing in return.

The issue I'm having now is where to draw the line, as time goes on, and more and more portraits fall out of a potential edit. The reality of, after a year, mailing 5 portraits is rather depressing. However, to be truthful, the expense of printing a big sack right now is equally as depressing.

Then today I come across this tidbit from Nick Waplington's Truth or Consequences:

"These photographs were taken between April 1993 and November 2000. Fraternal thanks to all those at Truth or Consequences who gave their assistance in completion of this project. If anyone photographed in this book would like a print, please contact me at (his personal email address)"

I didn't count every head, but I'd say 200 is about right. 7 years and a big stack of prints.

© Nick Waplington
(* this image is not from TorC)

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