Mar 6, 2009


Yesterday, Dea and I drove up to Minneapolis for the day; her to hang out with Trevor for shopping and shenanigans, and me to meet up with Alec.

It's no secret that I hold Alec, and his work, in very high regard. I've posted more about him in this space than any other photographer over the years, and it's probably appeared as if I'm a bit smitten. Probably true. We've spoken a handful of times, and I've tried to catch up with him when I've been in Minnesota in the past. Yesterday it worked out.

The few hours I spent with him yesterday was invaluable. We talked about struggles, and ideas, and pushing through, and making mistakes. Learning. We talked about, and looked at, books. Tackled story telling. His generosity wasn't something I wasn't prepared for in person.

Truthfully, I'm still digesting much of what we talked about. I have a brain dump splattered across several journal pages today, and an almost physical sickness to get up the road and dance with the ground glass.

Thanks Alec.

*insert cheesy photo of the two of us that was not taken*

Instead, a photo from his brilliant The Last Days of W:

Camp Purgatory, Ontario, California
© Alec Soth

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Michael Mccraw said...

i would love to have been able to discuss things with him. he's my favorite photographer. hands down. i'd love to just hear his ideas.

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