Mar 13, 2009

the light

We're accumulating almost 9 minutes more daylight a day currently. The disposition of everyone here in the Interior is decidedly sunnier. As Alaskans, our memories are short. In another month I will have forgotten how difficult winter can be. Bring on the light.

December, 2008, 2:00 pm.


Karen Travels said...

I really like that photo. 2 Now that just about sums up my December in Alaska!

Dennis said...


I think this is an incredible photo--but I don't believe that it's 2 pm--even in December, even in Fairbanks. Your credibility as a honest photographer is in the toilet.


ben huff said...

damn Dennis, you're the blog police. now, truth in photography...that's a discussion.

Justin said...

hope you grabbed a 4x5 of this!

ben huff said...

hey Justin. yep, that was with the 4x5.

Anonymous said...

superb shot!

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