Jun 21, 2009

the glass...has water in it

half full or half empty - depends on who you ask. today is the longest day of the year. Alaskan's regard this day with an almost spiritual reverence. we know what's coming. our memories are short, but the reality that tomorrow starts the slide toward cold and darkness is heavy.

rail yard, fairbanks, 2009

there is still a lot of summer to be had here, but the self-inflicted pressure of packing things in is adding up. my show here this month was successful, and i have been given the opportunity to show the same edit in Homer in August. showing my work is satisfying, no doubt, but it's also something i'm not entirely comfortable with.

sometimes i feel a little too self-involved. is that avoidable as an artist?

Dea and i have gone on some great trips this summer - backpacking, pack rafting, and kayaking around Alaska. not photo trips. they let me escape, gain perspective, and just have fun with friends without a tripod and agenda. i need the balance. but today, on the shortest day of the year i feel a little panic.

in a little over a week i'll make my longest trip up the road. the process of editing this evolving work this summer has unearthed many things. i'm anxious to resolve some things on film, to work through some issues, and ultimately begin filling in the gaps. someone asked me at the opening how long i see this project taking. truth? i envision it taking 2 more years, but i'm comfortable with 20. who knows. for now, i'm happy to be fortunate enough to be able to show some of it, and feed the slow grumbling beast moving forward.

this post is as random as i feel right now. i need the road.

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