Jul 7, 2009

back home

i'm back. the first few days after a road trip are always a blur - unpacking, sorting, mailing film, and generally coming down. i like the finality of it. for better or worse, the photos are made.

i feel good about this trip. it seems that i come back from each one a little stronger - i hope that's a trend. this trip was the longest i've taken, and the speed at which i moved about the road was so much more comfortable and manageable. I was able to spend more time with people, get further off the road to see things i've never seen, and ultimately make more photographs. in the past i've come down the last hill into town with some regret and a feeling of missed opportunity in my gut. this time i felt good. exhausted, but satisfied.

i have a few things on my mind, and photographers i've been pondering, that i intend on writing about soon. but, for now, a little late night (um) rambling..


Adam said...

This video is nice, Ben. I like the pink sun streak, the quick view of your camera, and all the mosquito 'friends' swarming around. Not to mention it's fun to see you take a break and show us around your photo world...

Grecy said...

Hey Ben,

I'm really glad you had a great trip and got all the photos and info you wanted. I can't wait until your book comes out - the Haul Road really is a special place.

The road has been treating me really well - I made it to The Magic Bus, hiked around the Kenai, paddled with icebergs and hiked the Chilcoot - but more than that, I've been meeting super interesting people left' right and center.

Good luck & keep in touch,
-Dan Grec

ben huff said...

good to hear from you. i've been following your progress on your site a bit. i've gotten some of the film back, and will forward on one or two images of you via email, and follow up with a print when you slow down enough to have an address. meeting people like you on the road make it all seem clear. thanks.

i'll be watching your trip unfold. be well and travel safe.

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