Jul 31, 2009

a week in Homer

Adam and i leave tomorrow for a week in Homer, thanks to this years Photo Fest. it's going to be a crazy week of all photo all the time, and i'm so stoked to spend some time on the coast.

i have a show opening on Thursday at the Pratt Museum, a box of new work, and the 4x5 and Mamiya packed up. i don't get the chance to sit around and pontificate on the finer points, and struggles, of photography with a group of like minded folk often, and i'm looking forward to it. i'm hoping for some spirited, challenging, discussion. in addition to many Alaska photographers whom i've never met, i have the honor of meeting, and reviewing work, with Keith Carter, Ted Orland, and Amy Scott of the Autry Center in LA.

to be honest though, i don't know if i'm wired for this much photoness. i'll be looking for a few beers at the Salty Dog, some good trail runs in the morning, and most importantly, to find the site of this photo...

A Blind Man in His Garden, Homer, Alaska, July 1984
© Joel Sternfeld

damn this photo breaks my heart every time. more on this later.

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