Oct 19, 2009

happy Alaska Day (a day late)!

yesterday was Alaska Day, and i almost missed it. on October 18th 1867, we purchased this choice piece of land from Russia.

i feel so fortunate to be able to call Alaska, and specifically the Interior, home. this landscape, these people, and the overwhelming desire to see deeper here is what has made photography so much more for me than just pointing at things. this place makes me want to act. it makes me want to give something. it feels corny writing it, but it resonates when you say it, when you hear others say it. i spoke to my good friend Jennifer Boomer today. of course, she's been making photographs in Alaska for a few years, but this winter made the decision to stay on - to live in Alaska. be a resident. brave the winter and dig deeper. her enthusiasm over the phone made me smile, knowingly, and go out and make better photographs.

© Jennifer Boomer

thanks Russia. everybody wave.

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