Jan 23, 2010


i was reminded, today, about Jackie Nickerson's book Farm. it has been some time since i have thought about that work, and the mention of it instantly placed the cover image in my mind. i've never seen the book in person, but the images i've seen online have impressed, and i want to see more.

so, at work, i called the book up. out of print. so, onto photo-eye and amazon. sweet, a used copy... for $11,809.83! what the? granted, there is a new copy at a better price...only $9,999.98. a bargain.

now, if i sold my truck...and found a way to come up with the other $7k, i'd be set.

i'm not making light of the work, but i am discouraged by the (relatively) democratic nature of the photo book reaching such absurd heights.

Nickerson is currently showing her newest body of work Ten Miles Round at Gallery of Photography in Dublin. the show closes on the 31st. i think i'll blow my, hypothetical, ten grand on a trip instead - Laphroig and pints are on me.


Alexi said...

Laphroig? I'm there!

ben huff said...

...and pints!

Dana said...

Alibris (.com, great for used and out of print books) has it for $418, still a hefty price tag. The 10 grand new price is unbelievable.

ben huff said...

thanks Dana. that's still out of my reach, but that # doesn't make my head hurt.

Alexi said...

Pints of Laphroaig?

Now there's something to make one's head hurt...

Simone A said...

i looked it up on play.com pricetag of 34.49 euro... http://www.play.com/Books/Books/4-/275153/Farm/Product.html

and at open air modern for 45 dollars http://openairmodern.com/_product_32077/FARM_PHOTOGRAPHS_BY_JACKIE_NICKERSON


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