Jan 6, 2010

Timothy Briner

tomorrow night, Timothy Briner will be showing his Boonville photographs at Daniel Cooney Fine Art in NYC. i wish i could be there to see this show.

i've followed Timothy's work in Boonville with great interest since his road trips back in 2007. at the time, he was regularly writing entries on his blog that where laced with discovery and longing, as well as struggles and breakdowns. i loved that he put himself out there, and seemed so helplessly immersed in the task at hand. his daily trials and tribulations were laid to bare. it was refreshing at the time.

he kept most of his final images close to his chest though, and i'll be honest - i was nervous when viewing the completed work for the first time online. there had been so much buildup for me. i become invested, emotionally, in some way with this work through his writing.

now, the work has been done, and the photographs are wonderful. he must be very proud of this exhibition.

all images © Timothy Briner

also, see this good interview with Timothy and Dalton Rooney.

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