May 3, 2010

break up

we completely bypassed mud season here in the Interior. near abysmal snow cover this winter, and a (so far) scorching spring, meant we leapt right over weeks of wearing extratufs. i won't complain - the weather has been glorious.

making photos has been downright enjoyable. i've been digging into different approaches, of which i will be sharing some images soon, and reveling in the process. i've made an effort to change things up a little this year, and i'm beginning to see the rewards. i'm stubborn by nature, and my change comes in small increments, but i'm feeling good. i'm also worrying less about photos far away and concentrating on photos close to home. it takes much effort for me to acknowledge that anxiety doesn't make me a better photographer.

my good friend Dennis has been sticking close to home as well, and wrote a nice bit about breakup a few weeks ago. you might remember our escapades at the Yukon last year. i made many photographs last year, and wasn't happy with any but the one (below).

the Chatanika River broke at the Elliot bridge on Sunday. i made several exposures - taking lessons learned last year. i never tire of seeing the ice go out. its a remarkable sight when the river exceeds its banks, and the ice winds a new path through trees and brush.

Yukon River, May 2009


Anonymous said...

Really, really love this one. There is something painterly about it not in just the lighting but also in the way that the blurred water mimics a brush stroke. The colors of the leaves give it this sense of heat even though it was probably freezing out. There is truly a sense of something geological occurring. Nice work!


patcaribou said...

i concur.

the long exposure effects, especially in the water in the foreground, are nice.

ben huff said...

i appreciate that guys.

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