Dec 8, 2010

moving, teaching and distance

car packed. truck packed. burning some time before my last class, then hitting the road for Juneau tonight. moving is always a surreal undertaking. Fairbanks has been more than just a home, it is under my skin in a way I'm not sure i fully realize just yet. but, i've moved a lot in my adult life, and all have been good moves. steps forward.

Dea starts her new job on Monday, and for a while yet, I'll be hanging onto life up here. I'll be back in January to teach a course at UAF that I designed last year - The Photo Book. Dea and i will be apart for a few months, but her support of my work is unflappable. i'm fortunate to be able to come back to teach and continue working up the road with a renewed urgency. i've planned a trip for February, which will end my longest stretch without making photos up there. the time away has served me well i think, and i believe the ultimate distance will as well.

if you are reading this from Fairbanks, and are interested in the course - send me an email. this will be the first, and most likely the last, time this course will be taught (in the immediate future anyway).

my next post will be from the coast.


Jennifer Boomer said...

Photo book class? Nice, BH!

Attn. Fairbanks people: take this course!

ben said...

Thanks Boom. This course is going to be a blast. I'm fortunate the U let me teach it - kind of a Wild Wild West sort of thing.

I have a really good group enrolled so far. Like most classes - I'm hoping to learn as much as I teach.

jamie said...

Best wishes Ben!

ben said...

thanks Jamie
the best to you out East as well

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