Feb 3, 2011

i wish there were an instruction manual

i'm finding that i have a need to make the book class that i'm teaching personal. trying to make it accessible, and draw lines between books and the photographer's back stories and lives. the influences and history behind good work. i'm attempting to take some of the myth out of it for the kids (and myself) up here, and walk that line between broadening their scope of things but also show that art is made by people. supremely dedicated and gifted people, but still, only people.

it's impossible to unravel great work, and truly understand it for ourselves, if we think the makers as gods.

first, recently, there was Doug Dubois speaking candidly about his back and forth with Jim Goldberg on Sunday and Wednesday.

and, now, this!

forget accessible, but damn this is great.


Boomer said...

I love Doug's last bit of advice; "Don't loose faith."


ben said...

Amen is right.

Hope you are doing well Boom.

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