Jul 6, 2011

the end of the road

we can't drive to the Arctic Ocean. we can get close, which is Deadhorse (two miles south), the industrial camp that feeds Prudhoe Bay. for four months out of the year, BP shuttles people to the coast in a clunky bus, parking on the rise above the coast, and waits while a handful of tourists and adventurers wander the coast . in all of Alaska, this is the only route through. they lease the land from the state for oil exploration and production - Alaska owns the coast, but they own the access.

a trip to the coast costs $50 and a half hour video explaining oil exploration, conservation, and technology. you get twenty minutes on the man made peninsula at the edge of the Beaufort Sea. the site is the geographical end to the story, and the culmination of the only road which passes over the Yukon River, Arctic Circle, Brooks Range and the North Slope.

next month, i will be making my final drive up the road to finish The Last Road North, and funding the trip with an initiative through KICKSTARTER. the trip in August will be my longest stay on the road in over two years. any amount helps, and in return i'll send you a bit of the road. i would love to fill the Deadhorse mail slot full of postcards before i head back south!

Dan, Beaufort Sea, 2009

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buffet said...

I just signed on Ben, all the best and looking forward to this project. Seeing bits and pieces of it over the years, I'm sure it will be a great one.

ben said...

thanks so much Andrew - your support means a lot.

best to you.

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