Jan 30, 2012

Lost In Publications

Vivian Sassen's work is strange and beautiful. Completely original. I don't own any of her books, much to my disapointment, esspecially after seeing the video for Flamboya (scroll half way down the page). I need to rectify this gap in my modest collection...soon.

Earlier this week I stumbled onto Lost In Publications, which provided a good overview of her work and books through quotes, video and a edit of pictures. But, I was really blown away by Sassen's drawings! Its not uncommon, I would imagine, to find photographers drawing out scenarios, but these are just splendid.

I love the photograph, but if I owned both and my house was on fire, I might grab the drawing. I didn't realize these drawings were such an intigral part to her work - both in idea and form. You can see more sketches at her website.

Images © Vivian Sassen

I don't know who is behind this site, but Lost In Publications just went to the top of my reading list. Also see Rob Hornstra, Rinko Kawauchi, and Vanessa Winship.


Alexi said...

Oh wow, thanks so much for sharing this Ben. I am dumbfounded everytime I go through her work, it is so incredible. I have her last book, Parasomnia, and it is worth every penny.

ben said...

Hey Alexi, I will somehow get my hands on Parasomnia for sure.

I find it really interesting how much her drawings change the work for me, and make is more accessible in a way.

Alexi said...

Yeah, I totally agree. I like how some of her sketches come directly from dreams she's had, it shows how attuned she is to her subconscious.

Sören/Lost in Publications said...

Hi Ben,
thanks for sharing my site.
I'm very glad you liked it. I can't agree more with your post about Viviane Sassen.
All the best,

ben said...

Hey Soren!
You're welcome - keep up the good work.

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