Feb 16, 2012

Christopher Churchill

One of the high points of my trip to China last November, was the opportunity to see Christopher Churchill's book maquette for American Faith. This book was poignant, and understated, yet large in its ambition and scope. The object was a beautiful package - well worn - but a wonderful capsule for the work.

The introduction is personal, and quite honestly, heartbreaking. It's a big idea - American Faith - but what he does well, I think, is tether a sweeping idea to a fine thread of distanced intimacy that weaves its way through this work.

Nazraeli is publishing the book this month, and from what I understand the reproduction stays very close to the maquette I saw. Of course, trimmed with Nazraeli's impeccable production. I'm looking forward to owning a copy of my own.


Alexi Hobbs said...

I'd never seen his work, thanks!
The series is amazing.

ben said...

Alexi, so happy to be the vehicle for you to view the work. it is amazing work - i hope many more people get the opportunity with the book.

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