Feb 20, 2006

back in Alaska

we're finally back in Fairbanks, and settling into something resembling normalcy. into a new condo downtown. quite a change from our little cabin in the woods, but all for the better. i will miss the quiet nights, glimpses of the aurora, Pella running wild, and our neighbor moose, but being in town is such a wonderful step. i've got a separate room again for a makeshift studio, and the space is a brilliant place to work. not perfect, but given our position- as perfect as plausible.

i've got heaps of notes from Seattle for winter shoots. longing for this land enabled me to extract the pieces that are unique, and i look forward to getting them on pixels. shot some today, but more scoping locations without models.

tonight i'm listening to the new Collin Herring album, and attempting to adapt a new work flow system. the ease of digital comes at a price.

this is the final shot that i took in Seattle. a wall that i walked by every morning for coffee.

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